Monday, April 20, 2009

Heaven and Hell

This was a very difficult piece for me to come up with an idea for. He wanted us to portray our own personal ideas of heaven and hell. And those were too difficult or boring for me to successfully illustrate.

So my other idea was to do a really ambitious piece that was going to be an optical illusion similar to Thomas Woodruff. It was going to be done in a way so that on one side you see a beautiful angel and heaven in the background, then when you flip in over heaven disappears and you see a demon girl and hell. I had the figures kinda intertwined in the middle like a ying yang. But in the end it was too difficult.

So in my sketchbook i had a thumbnail for another idea kinda in the same vein with the figures sharing the same head.

Im still working on the color and the backgrounds. When I post those I'll explain more about what the pueces really mean.


Riza G said...

sooo much better than what you had before lol. but seriously i like this :)

jstarr said...

53975032 times better

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